Welcome To MobilitySolutions.com!

Mobility Solutions is invented to offer comfortable and functional mobility options. Our product list embraces electronic wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, beds, homecare, and electric scooters. We believe in providing:

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  • Contented Mobility
  • Enhanced functionality
  • Quality yet affordability

Our products are equipped with helpful features for those with compromised mobility. We are determined to deliver what is “the best’’ out there. From foldable transfer to multifunctional chairs and from low beds to relaxing chairs can be found in our catalog with the satisfaction of quality!

What’s Our Specialty

Electronic Wheelchairs

Our electric wheelchairs are compact yet strong. Efficient yet easy to use electric wheelchairs conserve energy along with greater functionality. Express, Forest 3 Standup, Navix real Wheel Drive, Navix Standup, Timix, and Timix Standup contain all that you need for comfortable mobility.
Manual Wheelchairs
Mobility Solutions offer a wide range of manual wheelchairs. 708 Kids, Bobby, Eclips + Hem 2, Eclips X4, Eclips XXL Eclips+, Eclips+ 30°, Gemini 2, Jazz S50, Sagitta, v 300, v 300 30°, V-Drive, V-series XXL, V100, V200D, V300 D XL, and V300 XR are specifically unique in their features. The common attributes of all of these gems include durability, adjustment options, lightweight, and of course affordability.

Beds and Homecare

This category offers low beds for Alzheimer’s patients, lift chairs, and relaxing chairs. The adjustability options and enhanced comfort along with strong statures are the attributes of our products. Alesia, Alzeis, Eagle 620-62, Interval, Languedoc, Luna 2, Montreal, Normandi, and Provence are part of beds and homecare.

Electro Scooters

Sedna electro scooter is a foldable, lightweight, lithium battery treats from Mobility Solutions. It is part of our vision with all its attributes. Pivot seat, armrests, anti-theft security, and expandable tires are Sedna’s specific features. Others Other than the mentioned wheelchairs, electric and manual comfort chairs are available by Mobility Solutions. Big rear Wheels 9300, Inovys II, and Inovys II-E offer a lot of customization options. Seats, back, headrest, and a lot more can be customized according to individual needs.

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How Mobility Solutions Help You Stay Mobile?


All our products are designed by keeping comfort and functionality in mind. Adjustable backs, seats, headrests, and armrests of our wheelchairs support our claim.


We guarantee the quality of everything purchased from Mobility Solutions. All of them are crafted with durable material and the products’ capacities are mentioned to ease selection according to individual needs.

Facile Functionality

Not only power but also our manually operated products are very easy to use. They are designed to save your energy for tireless mobility.


Your elementary requirement shouldn’t be delayed anymore because of financial issues. As we believe in providing quality and affordability together.

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