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Mobility Solutions is bringing you mobility and medical equipment from the VERMEIREN wheelchairs manufacturer. VERMEIREN is a name of quality since 1957. They are known worldwide for quality wheelchairs, medical beds, relaxing chairs, lift chairs, and mobility assisting devices. VERMEIREN group’s products are available in more than 45 countries across the globe and in your region, we are VERMEIREN’s sales partner.

Our Quality Policy

The quality of the products ordered from Mobility Solutions is completely guaranteed by us. The quality is reinforced with our services to provide you an excellent online wheelchair shopping experience.

Our Vision

Mobility Solutions’ is to dig and deliver well-designed, well- manufactured, and affordable mobility products for homes and health care centers. We are responsible to present quality and innovation in our products. The ethical and social responsibilities of business are among our preferences.

What will bring you here will be in our priority list to maintain for years.

Mission Statement

Mobility Solutions is determined to help the ones with special mobility needs. Our catalog assembled your desires. Your desire to wander around in a lightweight and comfy wheelchair is well understood by us. We took initiative to deliver the product of your choice on your doorstep at the rates of your choice.

You can easily customize products at Mobility Solutions according to your needs. Mobility Solution is very selective about its catalog that makes it able to present quality, comfort, and affordability to its customers.

We are focusing on easing the lives of people with compromised mobility. A smile on your face after each trip on our wheels is our priceless reward.

Our Core Values

Our values keep us motivated to work the way we are supposed to work. Each and every dealing depict our values.

  • Professionalism – Quality of our products depicts our professionalism.
  • Integrity – We know that integrity develop your trust in us.
  • Communication – Our customer service will never let you feel lost
  • Humanity – this is the driving force to start Mobility Solutions.

Why Choose Us

Modern Technology

All are products are latest in design, technology, and features. The selection of each member of are catalog largely depends on quality and present-time technology.

A Reputed Manufacturer

Our presented products are sourced from the manufacturers who are well-reputed in the mobility market. Their reputation is maintained for years and our collaboration will be a positive addition to it.

Excellent Service

One of business pillars is active services. We are committed to reach you as soon as possible either you want to chat, or you want a product at your door-step.