Because of my leg injury, I could not walk, this is one of the outstanding wheelchair I definitely have ever used. I even have tried different brands and they continuously had one problem or another. This chair is so comfortable and made my life exciting. The seating does no longer trouble me like other chairs and the body is very strong and robust but light weight. Perfect buy.

Narasimha Reddy


I did lot of research to find a wheelchair that is light weight and comfortable. This chair has a variety of options, sizes, arm rests and foot rests and is considered an all-around effective chair. It’s lightweight and sturdy with a carbon steel frame. The seat has a heavy-duty inner liner to keep it from stretching. The wheelchair is built with a dual-axle which will allow you to convert to hemi-height and use your feet to propel it.

Kishore Kumar


I recommend this wheelchair as i personally used and feel its affordable, comfortable and mobile. One of the satisfactory factor for this Vermieren brand wheelchair is its lightweight and clean to transport. It’s a versatile, at ease chair as nicely and has been regarded to improve posture and save you stress sores that will every now and then broaden from sitting in one vicinity for too lengthy. The arm rests and leg rests are included in breathable, antibacterial upholstery so it makes it easy to clean. The leg rests are also designed to swing in or away which makes it less difficult to keep.

Vijaya Rani


This Vermieren wheelchair most effective weighs twenty kilos and effortlessly folds up for shipping or journeying functions. It additionally functions 12-inch wheels which assist create reliable traction outdoors and on choppy surfaces.
Two of our favorite functions in this chair are the seat belt and push-lock brakes, which offer seniors a delivered sense of safety while driving in it. The handles at the pinnacle relaxed for caregivers pushing a loved one, and the seat has a little more padding than you commonly see in a lightweight wheelchair

Arun Kumar


The maximum pace is four.5 mph and the variety is 19.5 miles. While there are powered wheelchairs with slightly quicker automobiles and barely longer degrees, it’s the best one we located to do each thoroughly. By contrast, maximum powered wheelchairs have a max speed under 4 mph and a range much less than 12 miles. In addition, the turning radius is 19.5 inches, giving it the capability to turn in a great deal tighter areas than different wheelchairs. Most of the wheelchairs we evaluated have turning radius near 30 inches. It’s also capable of using up ramps with a 6-diploma incline.
The comfort functions of Vermiern presents a smooth trip with a high ground clearance of 3.25 inches. The wheels also are huge enough to provide a smooth trip even as managing bumps and barriers on choppy surfaces.

Raja rao


Thanks Vermiern for providing us such a great wheel chair .The seat is very comfortable as compared to other brands. The speed and efficiency of your chairs is amazing. Also your unique design of chair make my day. I recommend this chair to my grandfather as well, I am sure that he will feel comfortable with the quality product and experience i’ve been having.



) The Vermeiren has a brief launch, fold down lower back and well padded, reversible and detachable desk palms which upload comfort and convenience for the consumer. Distance among those removable desk arms is 19.5 inches. The rear wheels lock solidly in area and easy to use hand brakes are present for added manipulate. This version can readily maintain up to three hundred pounds with a seat width of 18.5 inches. Folds up without difficulty for storage and shipping. The Vermeiren Comet contains with it a life-time restrained producer’s warranty.

Santosh Kumar


Nice robust chair, notably compact, wonderful for purchasing around the kitchen across the island and can go pretty a whole lot everywhere in it. Leg rests are very beneficial. Everything is simple to operate and the shade is a nice change from the black. Seat is comfy, even though it does make me sweat, so I gets a sheepskin cushion. I won’t want it for lengthy, simply perhaps some weeks, to be able to get this type of right chair for thus little money is splendid.



This chair is a game changer. Freedom to go absolutely anywhere in it. Solid sturdy workhorse. Very easy to fold and still light enough put in the car. Even as big a guy as I am, I can get in and out of this thing really easy. Turns around in an elevator with ease. Goes over speed bumps and up ramps with the push of a button!!! I went over loose rock and dirt to check the stability and I never felt like me or the chair was losing it, got me right out. I took my dog for a walk the first time in 6 months. I have three grandsons 4-14, I’ll get to go to their sporting events now. So happy, just so happy to be able to get out of the house and go where ever I want or need to and feel so safe. Plus I use it inside too. I live in a mobile home and I can get it thru every door in the house. This is truly a world changing chair for me. Thank you. Dan, you sir, are a gentlemen. The service you provided my wife and I is immeasurable. Such a pleasure doing business with real and caring people. Hats off to you.

Kiran Kumar


) I these days required using a wheelchair however knew not anything wherein to begin looking. I used numerous at my military health center which helped me decide on a few capabilities I preferred. The navy sanatorium suggested several Medical Supply companies and I went online. There had been so many agencies, kinds of chairs, and plenty were very highly-priced. So, l turned to a organization I trust, Vermeiren, and began my seek. I desired a really cheaper, true high-quality, portable & mild chair with pretty right critiques and changed into a Vermeiren product.



After getting an exhoribinant bill for a rental wheel chair we decided to purchase one. Of all the ones I looked at this was the best one with the features I wanted. Adjustable leg length. Wider seat, and lightweight. It is all those things and more. Because of my injury I ordered the elevating leg rests. What I love is you can either use it elevated or down .The padded part makes behind my legs which gives them support. The rental wheelchair could barely be turned or pushed on carpet. This one is a whiz kid it turns easily on carpet and is not hard to wheel myself. After buying this I realized I was not only getting ripped off financially for my rental, but it was a piece of crap. I know this will help me until I am back on my feet. I am glad family members will not be breaking their back on it either. I am thrilled with this purchase and should have done it much sooner. I am on disability and what they charge after what Medicare pays is a joke



I purchased this chair to assist with mobility at the same time as I am recuperating from knee surgery – because the surgical treatment required me to be non-weight concerning my leg for six weeks. While I generally get across the house and workplace on crutches, I became seeking another option to pass a farther distance if I wanted to get out of the house. I actually have used this wheelchair for just over three weeks now. The chair turned into a truthful rate and facilitates me get round outdoor for evening strolls again. The chair is light-weight, easy to maneuver, and general relaxed for my use. I can also use it across the house if needed – it is a touch slower at the carpet, however no problem getting round.

Prem Kumar


In January 2017, my mother, my daughter and I placed a down payment for a trip to Scotland and Ireland. On May seventh, Mom tripped and broke her pelvis in places. I panicked, thinking if we should cancel the trip. Mom labored hard at rehab to get again into form for the experience, however it changed into apparent she might want a wheelchair. I checked into renting one, however they had been splendid heavy, now not something my daughter or I desired to address. I also checked in to renting one over in Scotland, but the hassle changed into we had been leaving our experience from Ireland, and had no way to get the chair back to the condominium organization in Scotland. I become so happy to have this chair for the elements in which she needed it. I can vouch for the chair for someone who desires it 24/7, it’s far outstanding, light-weight, and sturdy.

Lalitha Sowmya


This wheelchair is awesome. My mom has a difficult time walking long distance. We take her everywhere – fairs, fun centers, etc. and usually end up renting a wheelchair. It took a very long time for me to get my mom to agree that we need to buy a wheelchair so that we didn’t have to worry about whether or not there was one for rent whenever we go places that require a lot of walking.
It was the best decision ever. The wheelchair is easy to navigate, especially around crowds. It’s lightweight and easy to work with and best of all my mom can go anywhere we go.
I highly recommend the Vermeiren products. The only thing you have to do when you receive it is take it out of the box and screw the foot rests in and it’s lightweight so you can easily get it in and out of your vehicle.

Anand Varadhan


Great narrow wheelchair. I am not a lightweight, but I healthy into this chair and it’s miles a lifesaver. I had accident, cannot stroll, in a hip to ankle brace & can’t use crutches because pops my palms outta socket. Fortunately this wheelchair is slim enough to match via one among my lavatory doors. It was really worth every penny. Have used for final month & will need for another couple months